This Is How The Chiptune Community Turns E-Waste into Music

I photographed and wrote a piece about the how the chiptune community reuses old electronics to make art. It is now available on the web. 

Stepping out of the 14th Street subway station, I walk less than a block to address number 145. I find myself in front of the nondescript door of a brownstone sandwiched between a frame shop and a threading salon. I’ve come to Babycastles, a place where the literal and figurative underground indie game developer community connects with the broader arts community, for an event called Synchrony NYC.

The Truth Behind Your Red Foods Is To Dye For

I illustrated and wrote a piece about the ways we get the red dye used in processed food. It appeared in Issue 04 of Selva Beat Magazine and is now available on the web. 

While I was aware of the slow switch to more natural food coloring over my lifetime, I still wasn’t clear about the providence of these paler pigments. So as I recently sat drinking an infinitely more mature beverage choice — Campari and soda — I wondered to myself, “How do they get this color?” Naturally, I took out my phone and tapped my query out to the internet: “What makes Campari red?” Scanning, I found that there are three possibilities: carminic acid, plant based pigments, or artificial dyes. Then, as industrial food coloring is the pursuit of natural pigments via unnatural processes, I learned that each one has its own innate set of problems.

These Young Fashion Designers Will Make You Hopeful for the Future

I photographed and wrote a piece about young designers who participated in a charity fashion show during NY Fashion Week. 

The timing and professionalism of the event is perhaps where the similarities to NYFW end. The collections were deeply personal as well as socially and environmentally progressive. Instead of the marked lack of diversity that persists in traditional fashion shows, there was an array of different body types, skin tones, and gender identities stomping the runway.

Celebrate the Eclipse with a Solar Powered Party

I wrote a piece connecting solar power to the eclipse in the summer of 2017. 

What if by living more in line with ecological systems like solar and wind, we could live the maximalist life he was hinting at? Maybe instead of always urging deprivation in service to sustainability, we could cheer on the infinite energy of the sun to power our best lives.

15 Conscious Apps Worth Your Data Space

I wrote and designed a piece about using technology to support your conscious lifestyle. 

Most of us have smartphones in hand, so why not leverage them for good? An app won’t be able to force you to do something you don’t want to do, but they are tools to help nudge, simplify, or streamline solutions. From shopping secondhand to mindfulness to self-care reminders, we all know there’s an app for that.

COnscious Horoscopes

I wrote and illustrated a monthly horoscope column for Selva Beat in 2017. Instead of the usual recommendations, my advice included ways to be a more conscious consumer and citizen. 

While we may take a tongue-in-cheek approach to our monthly astrological advice, climate change is very real (and so are our suggestions). As we continue to cover this topic, you might have a lot of questions like, “What is the best garbage bag to use?” or “Will my city be wiped out by sea-level rise sooner rather than later?” It’s tough to say! Climate change is a huge, complex issue, but there’s no better day than Earth Day to tackle your own personal impact.

LETTER for flippa k circle

Being a consumer today comes with a larger-than-ever responsibility. We need to ask ourselves: "How can I adjust my way of shopping—and thinking—to achieve a more sustainable fashion consumption?" Elizabeth Stilwell, creator of The Note Passer, has given this quite a bit of thought.

As I learned more about the unsustainable and unethical fashion industry, I mindfully extracted myself from thoughtless consumerism and interrogated my purchases.
Elizabeth Stilwell bw.jpg


What Pepe the Frog Taught Us About Biodiversity

I wrote a culture piece connecting the demise of Pepe the Frog with the International Day for Biological Diversity. 

Pepe’s odious fate reminds us of the adversity many animals are facing thanks to our own destructive effects on the environment.


I wrote and illustrated a piece in collaboration with the Asian University for Women on garment workers in Bangladesh.

On a global scale, by way of cheap goods, we benefit from the exploitation of workers (especially women in developing countries). We can wear as many feminist slogan tees as we like, but without concrete action and change, they are merely empty sentiments. And without change to the garment industry, those same tees may be made under conditions which are exploitative to the women producing them.


I interviewed and photographed emerging designer, Christina De Smet.

In direct opposition to the fast fashion mentality of buy-and-toss, De Smet curates the pieces in her collection as ruthlessly as Taylor Swift selects her girl gang members.