Demand Respect for Mama Earth This Mother's Day

Written and illustrated by me. Originally published on Selva Beat.


Around the same time your lil’ pre-teen body took on a mind of its own, you probably learned to hurl “yo mama” jokes around with your worst friends. Insulting one’s mother is a long-established type of banter with history dating back to the Bible and Shakespeare. It’s the ultimate transgression, an insult of where you literally came from, which makes it particularly and globally offensive.

Sadly, yo original mama, Earth, is transgressed daily by the pollution, destruction of resources, and inaction on climate change of her temporal children. Just as we often take for granted the mother figures who raise and nurture us through life, we don’t fully appreciate the incredible life-sustaining support provided by Mother Earth. Harkening back to our middle school days, we came up with some yo mama jokes that touch on the collective insults we inflict on her everyday.